Pyramiden and
Nordenskiöld Glacier

We are heading for Pyramiden Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Pick-up from hotels and guesthouses in Longyearbyen starts at 08:30 and we will be leaving the harbour at 09:00.

We leave the harbor in Longyearbyen on our way to Pyramiden. On our way over there, we pay a little visit to Skansbay. This bay is about 2 km long and are known for its enriching animal and plant life. Here they have also tried on a mining life, from the huge number of gypsum that this place had. This was shot down not long after. From here we go into Pyramiden, which is located in Billefjord. The town was founded by Sweden in 1910 and sold to Sovjetunionen in 1927. It has its name after the pyramid shaped mountain located right next to it. The people that lived here felt that this was paradise, everything was set for people to be happy here. They had a gas station, school, kindergarten, hotels and restaurants. In 1998 the coal mining was closed by the Trust Arktikugol, and since this time the place has been abandoned. Most buildings are today as they were when they were abandoned. In 2013 the company Arktikugol opened up a bar and hotel here again. After your visit here, you get served a warm lunch on the aft deck on the boat, before it takes us to go to the Nordenskiöldglacier. This glacier is 15 km long and 4 km wide. And we also go by the bird mountain Diabas, before we go back to Longyearbyen again.

NOK 2300,–
NOK 2100,–
Child (6 up to 15 yrs)
NOK 1200,–
Child (0 up to 5 yrs)
NOK 0,–